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Pictured is Lovie's friend Princess Anna in Epcot's Royal Sommerhus in Walt Disney World.

Lovie Baumann was hired by Walt Disney World as a featured Princess performer. Determined to keep the magic alive, she founded Princess Lovie & Co. She states, “I remember being that little girl that would have given anything to meet the princesses I looked up to so much. To be able to make those memories for the children who were just like me is the greatest honor in the world.”

Princess Lovie & Co. is determined to keep the magic alive.💫

Along with Lovie, is a team of extremely talented performers and fantastic character assistants. Each character performer goes through extensive training to ensure that the children have the most realistic experience possible, as if the characters just popped right out of a storybook. Our character assistants are at every event, ensuring that every detail is seen and thought out so that everything runs smoothly. Having a team of such amazing people makes your experience that much more magical.

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